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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to portable machining. The equipment needs to have the proper fixtures to hold and manipulate the parts being machined. Hellier provides Certified Machinists, Mock-up training, Special Engineering, Customized Machinery, Pipe and Vessel cutting, Precision compound beveling, On-site flange facing, Precision hole induction, Hand Hole Inspection Plug Removal, Boring bar operations, Stud removal, Dismantlement & Decommissioning, Cutting and beveling of high energy piping, including P91, Waterwall header tube extractions, custom machining, and more.

Heat Treatment

Hellier is a manufacturer 0f world class mobile Nine (9) through Twenty-Four (24) way control consoles. Included in its field services is expertise in providing heat treatment of welded joints of high-Cr ferritic heat-resistant steel. To achieve high thermal efficiency, modern day thermal power plants and other facilities operate at higher operating temperature and pressure which necessitates use of steels with high creep rupture strength. Heating operations are critical to success with ferritic alloy steel.

Project Management and Engineering

Quality Assurance – Program Development and Implementation, Vendor Qualification and Surveillance, Audit, Document Review. Construction Consultation – Mechanical Integrity, Cost and Scheduling, Quality Assurance Program Development, Quality Project Planning (from planning to start-up and turnover). Staff Augmentation – Q/A, Q/C, Mechanical Engineering

Quality Control

Certified Visual Testing Technicians, AWS Certified Welding Inspectors, Nuclear Certified VT-1,2,3 Inspectors, Unmanned Aircraft System Inspection, Receipt Inspection, Quality Surveillance and Oversight, and Quality Document Review.

Nondestructive Testing

Traditional Nondestructive Testing methods including, Visual, Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, and Ultrasonics. Advanced Nondestructive Testing including Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Array, Time of Flight Diffraction, and Digital Radiography Consultation. Independent Outside Agency Level III Qualification services.


Scheduled and customized on-site classes are offered in Quality Management and Leadership, Heat Treatment, and Safety.

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